August 2005

Some months ago I had the very great privilege of being able to photograph the renowned and highly respected Scottish pianist and composer Ronald Stevenson being accompanied by his granddaughter Anna-Wendy Stevenson. She is regarded as one of the major talents in the traditional music world and I have been fortunate enough to photograph Anna Wendy on many occasions through her involvement with the Lochgoilhead Fiddle Workshop. Not only is she an exceptionally fine musician, but she also has a wonderful presence in front of the camera, and she has provided me with some of my favourite informal portraits.

Mave Ferrari's work

It was to be a very special occasion for them to play together - for the first time in public - and so I was delighted to have the opportunity to attend and enjoy the occasion.

I would not, of course distract the audience, or the musicians, during the performance, but took the opportunity to take several photographs after the concert was ended. The photograph here shows a study of them both during conversations with members of the audience and friends afterwards. I am delighted that they chose this informal portrait as the cover for their CD produced this month. Take my advice - buy it, you'll just love it.

I took some very different portraits a few days ago at a local agricultural show where some of the finest black faced sheep were on show!

I was a little surprised to see that all the sheep were dyed brown apart from their heads. This, apparently, emphasises the black and white features of the sheep?

Local farmers and shepherds gave the opportunity for some great character studies, too.


All in one!